Welcome to Bilbao, a city to enjoy
Welcome to Bilbao

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Barandiaran Kristau Alkartea (Pax Romana) & UnescoEtxea, Welcome you to Bilbao, a small city providing all the main features of comfort and general welfare found only at bigger urbia, only lacking their usual big problems. All hotels serving the congress are placed at walking distance to the congress' premises (Palacio Euskalduna, see map), let alone the Sheraton (4), that sits just across the park. There is the cutest and most convenient tram system running to and from the Old Town, along Bilbao's waterway (Nervion River) that stops just in front of the Euskalduna complex. In case of an unexpected episode of running wild... don't panic, just ask for "la Gran Via". The "Gran Via Lopez de Haro" avenue, that crosses the city as an (aprox) east-west axis (marked with green dots in the map above), is a main reference for orientation. The congress site lies just at the West end of the street, and you can't miss it, because there stands, tall and proud, one of the symbols of Bilbao, a colossal monument to the town's patron, while the monument placed at East end statues the actual Lopez de Haro, former founder of the Village of Bilbao. About the middle of La Gran Vía lies Plaza Moyua, main distribution hub for urban motor traffic. The North-South axis, Alameda Rekalde, makes the way to and from the Airport, which Bus Stops in front of the State's gold pot (Hacienda), beside Hotel Carlton. You may follow the north leg of this road if you want to land at the hearth of Guggenheim, newest Ikon of Bilbao.